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Membership Renewal - FAQs

The due date is January 31st; is my payment late if I make the invoice payment on the 31st but you haven’t received the money yet?
As long as I receive notification through QBO (either the program or through an email) that your full payment was made by 11:59 PM on January 31st, no late fee will be applied.

I’m really bad at remembering to make my membership payment…
Be better! Now that you will receive this invoice email, paying is easier than ever. Also, QBO offers the ability to send reminder emails if your invoice hasn’t been paid (which I will be doing). I know that these are going out during the holiday season, and it’s easy to forget about your dues or let this fall through the cracks. My suggestion is to take the <5 minutes required to make this payment as soon as you receive your invoice.

I didn’t make the payment by the deadline: what happens now?
Payments received after January 31st incur an extra $20 late charge (for a total of $65). Through QBO, I can add this charge to your already existing invoice and resend it to you. If payment is not received by April 30th, you will be dropped from membership!

I never got an invoice…
While I do not yet know why this may happen, I suppose it is possible. If by January 1st 2019 you have not received an invoice, please contact me immediately at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Paying by check is always an option.

Hey, I’m a Life member! I’m not supposed to pay dues anymore but I still got an invoice.
My apologies! I have done my best to only send invoices to the Active, Associate, and Student Members. If you are a Life member and received an invoice, please let me know by contacting me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

When will I get my new membership card, username, and password for the website?
Once your payment has been deposited (not paid) I will issue you a 2019 Membership card. The Username and Password for the CSDIAI.org website will be located in the PDF document with your membership card.

My agency pays the dues for X number of members; do they have to pay each one individually?
If this is your agency and they are good about making their payments quickly, get me in contact with the person who does your billing and we can work something out to make a single online payment.

I want to pay by check: how will my invoice be closed?
Paying by check is still a great way to cover your membership dues. I will be making a run to the bank a few times per week to deposit any checks coming in. Once deposited, I can manually connect the deposit at the bank to each member’s invoice, thus closing it. I’m not quite sure if QBO will be able to send you notice that your invoice is paid; if it does not, I will send you an email confirming your check has been deposited.

I just made my payment; is it deposited yet?
As the screenshots show in the walkthrough, it will take a few days to deposit your money once you have paid it; be patient!

I made my payment but haven’t heard from you. How long should I wait before I contact you?
2 weeks. As I have mentioned in previous emails to the membership, CSDIAI has around 700 members, and we are adding more by the week! Of those, there are about 540 paying members. That gives me ~10 members per day between December 1st and January 31st. For each member, I need to make sure their payment has been deposited, update their information in the membership database, make sure they are receiving emails through the google group, and create their 2019 membership card. My guess is most members/agencies pay in January, so there is a very good chance I will be bogged down with this process. If you haven’t heard from me in 2 weeks from when you made your payment, send me an email with a copy of your invoice or the transaction number associated with your payment. Thank you in advance for your understanding!

Do I need to fill out a renewal form?
You do not need to send in a renewal form with your name, membership number, home/work address, phone numbers, emails, etc. because all of this information is already contained in a membership database and the membership directory. If your information is not correct in the membership directory, please send me an email letting me know what needs to be changed. We are currently working on making the updating of information a bit more streamlined through the use of google forms, but the process hasn’t been finalized just yet.

Lastly, I need your help in this process! If you work in an agency with other CSDIAI members or have friends/acquaintances/contacts who are CSDIAI members, ask around and make sure they are receiving emails from the CSDIAI. If someone is not getting these emails, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Additional Clarifications:

  • All current members (Life, Active, Associate, and Student) receive all emails from this Google Group. So even though some of you are Life members and do not need to worry about how to pay your dues, you still receive these emails because I have only created the one google group for all of us. In the future, I hope to delineate the different member types into separate groups; but for now, it is low on my priority list.
  • Once I send out individual invoices, your office may decide it wants to pay for them all at once. I can create a single invoice for everyone in your office and retract the separate invoices for each person. As long as there is an audit-able trail that connects payment to a member, I will try to figure out how to make it as convenient as possible for your office.
    If your office is going to do this, please verify each member is still receiving the emails from this google group. This can be done one of two ways: either each person in the office emails me directly (my preference), or have one person vouch for everyone (but please, confirm with each person they are actually receiving these emails, like this one).
  • If your office is doing a single invoice, the individual members will not be getting a personal invoice. If you want to know the status of your office invoice, feel free to contact me or your billing manager.

John Thompson - Thank You for Your Service!!

John Thompson 1992

Dear John Thompson,

On behalf of the executive board, we  would like to thank John Thompson for his continuous dedication to the forensic community and our membership.  John Thompson has been instrumental in the development and mentorship of forensic personnel over the years.  He was a valued member of our team and his continued contributions are vital for the California State Division International Association for Identification in meeting our stated Mission, Vision and Values.  All of our organizational achievements are made possible because of your individual efforts as well as the efforts of the executive boards over your tenure.  Once again, thank you for your hard work and much dedication to our organization.  We look forward to your ongoing contributions and wish you a bright and successful future.


AC Brogdon
CSDIAI President


From Historian Darrell Klasey:

Back in the late 1980’s, each member of the Executive Committee was asked to provide a brief biography so that members could “meet” their Association’s leaders.  John Thompson was 2nd Vice President at the time, and here are his words from the November, 1989, California Identification Digest:

“I have over 23 years of law enforcement experience with city and county agencies within California.  Most of my assignments have been specialized or technical operations within the agencies, but experience has been attained in all aspects of patrol and investigations.

“For the past eight and one-half years, I have been with the Rohnert Park Department of Public Safety; the past five years as lieutenant in Police Services and as a fire captain.  My current assignment as Support Services Supervisor has me overseeing records, property, police and fire dispatch, and identification section.

“The first thirteen and one-half years of my career was spent with the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department as a deputy, detective for two years, and sergeant for eight years.  With a major in photography from San Francisco City College and a short stint in Yosemite’s (now) Ansel Adam’s Studio, I found myself transferred to the identification bureau within six months of employment.  Ten years total was spent in the bureau I became very attached to.  I served as bureau commander for five years overseeing forensic sections in Santa Maria and Santa Barbara.

“During my tenure with Santa Barbara, I completed the IAS [Institute of Applied Science] course in criminal identification (before DOJ and FBI got into training), and later attended an FBI advanced latent print course, along with many other courses over the years.  Being surrounded by creative and innovative people, led to entering four CSDIAI technical exhibits and the bureau taking three first-place technical awards.  I feel fortunate to have been able to participate in the pilot ALPS Program, as well as orchestrating and supervising a crime scene investigator program worked by patrol deputies.

“I’ve served on many CSDIAI committees over the past 22 years as a member.  I’m most proud of having been appointed to the first Latent Print Certification Committee by then Presidents Frank Hart and Al Flores.  I served two years as central California’s member.  I also served as an Association director, Sergeant-At-Arms, Fourth Vice President and then Third Vice President before moving to Northern California.

“In 1988, I was prompted by South of San Francisco friends to run again for CSDIAI office.  I, along with others in this area, are looking forward to hosting the first-ever Sonoma County training seminar in 1992.

“I’ve attended the majority of the CSDIAI training seminars since joining in the mid-60’s.  I’ve reflected back on the friendships made and the innumerable questions I’ve answered over the years.  What I wouldn’t know, had I not had the good fortune of having employers and co-workers support my attendance at annual seminars.”

Following that article, John went on to serve as CSDIAI President for the 1991-1992 term, hosting the annual seminar in Santa Rosa.

John Thompson 2017

More recently, John served as Dean of the North from 1997 until 2006, when he was elevated to Dean Emeritus (2006 until 2018).

He received the George Pletts Award in 2010 and, in 2017, received his 50-year-membership plaque.  His member number is 1188.


Membership Renewal

Our membership renewal process has changed. Please take a moment to read through these two articles.

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